2021 AD

Let this be the inauspicious origin of my new blog. (Was: http://www.blogorahmah.blogspot.com, which brings me to 2021.) It so happens that I am moving in nine weeks, so I won’t bother you with descriptions of my location at the moment. In a non-specific way, however, my general location is and will remain somewhere near the middle of the contiguous 48 states of the U.S. This is the part of the country that is, if you were flying from New York to LA, say, about half-way–that point where you will have probably fallen asleep, perhaps due to oxygen deprivation or maybe just boredom. You have stopped looking out the window in favor of riffling through the magazines in the seat back pouch in front of you. If you find an old, abandoned copy of some Erskine Caldwell novel, do not read it.

I used to be at least a little ambitious, but now I write and play my guitar and take pictures mostly just for the fun of it. Not all at the same time of course–that would require a level of talent and dedication that I do not possess.