The City Diner

This might only be considered an advertisement for the City Diner if I knew you would ever be around these parts, which in every case I can conjure up is very unlikely. It sits on the edge of downtown and you might say is a well-kept secret. At least outside a certain radius. I’m surprised by the number of people who are familiar with downtown Kansas City but have never heard of the City Diner.

At any rate, I know about it, and the resident biochemist and myself frequent the place. The people are friendly and unpretentious, the kitchen is well run, the food good, and the black and white checkerboard pattern floor is sufficiently clean if not pristine. They also have a cool car license plate collection in the back room and I believe every state is represented, including some territories.

It so happens that Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) submits for the word of the day, door, and so we’ll cover that base and point out that in the picture below, the door to the utility room adjacent to the rear dining area of the City Diner is left open, yet it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s nice to know they have cleaning supplies.

You are all my friends, so if you come to town, I’ll buy you a coke.


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