Flashback Friday

Exactly one year ago today I wrote a post in my other blog at blogger.com. Obvious at first is that the weather was the same. Which of course makes sense as Earth’s orbit is relatively stable, tilt of the Earth and all that.

I was going to paste the old post into this one, but after I described the weather, it mostly devolved into a political rant, although mild, something which I have foresworn since then. Last year’s political rant is sort of like yesterday’s weather report–of interest to no one. It tickles me when I look at Google News and see in their list of links an article about some weather event from the day before. I mean, if I had a bird cage, and if Internet news was less porous, perhaps I would find a use for such an article.

So, to sum up, I’m not all that hep on flashbacks, at least until I resolve to write more interesting posts on a Friday, more suitable for dredging up a year later, and this ain’t it.


9 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

      1. For sure I’m not an activist, though I do hold strong opinions. So many people can’t discuss politics without getting angry anymore, so I keep my opinions to myself—for the most part.

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  1. “Last year’s political rant is sort of like yesterday’s weather report–of interest to no one.” – intriguing, and probably true.

    I had a short-lived political blog like a decade and a half ago. I dug it up again and it is so cringe reading stuff you wrote 15 years ago.

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    1. Here is my standard response to cringeworthy previous writing: It means you are improving over time. It’s much worse to read something you wrote years ago and you feel like it’s really good and you doubt you could do it again.
      When politics are involved, of course it’s even worse.
      One of my earliest memories is from grade school, from the 2nd grade, so I don’t even trust it, but it seems like it was on the playground during recess, and some kid said, “My dad says if Kennedy gets elected, we’re all going to wind up in concentration camps.” How’s that for mid-century political discourse?

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      1. Yeah, not much has changed.
        I will say, as a second-grader, my apolitical stance served me well when it was concentration camps, atom bombs, and Commies, vs my milk turning sour in my thermos. I mean, I had enough problems.


  2. Yes, in Missouri, the weather is a bottomless pit of comic fodder. As I always say, if you don’t like the weather in Missouri, no amount of waiting is going to help.


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