My short time in Tucson, AZ, taught me to respect the quail mothers who had to work so hard to keep track of all the little chill’ins. Due to other wildlife, the attrition rate was high enough as it is. I couldn’t know, but chances are this mother started out with closer to a dozen chicks. Few of these little guys will make it.


3 thoughts on “Motherhood

    1. I’ve got so many pics of the quail in Oro Valley AZ, along with roadrunners, javelinas, rabbits, mule deer, bobcats, etc., since our backyard was right up against what was essentially untended Sonoran Desert. Really interesting, even though I regarded the area as basically uninhabitable due to the ridiculous heat. I liked watching the quail the most, though. Even while walking around, which they mostly did, their instinct for flocking is so strong that the chicks are usually close at hand.


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