This picture was taken this morning from the stairwell on the 30th floor of my apartment building, in downtown Kansas City. It would be fun to live on this floor and have this view all the time, but, alas, I’m much lower down. The image in the header for this blog is a somewhat distorted version of the view that I do have.

I was looking more or less directly to the east for this shot, which, here, is away from the heart of downtown. Out of curiosity I tried to determine how far away the horizon is at this elevation, and I think it’s about seven miles away. There is a ridge, the Blue Ridge, that defines the horizon from here, and as the Earth is indeed spherical anyway, this is all you get.

I will not identify every building in the picture, nor could I, but the sort of rounded, light colored building close to the center of the picture is the Federal Courthouse. To it’s left, and a little beyond, you can see a brown, cubicle shaped building with lots of windows. It is arguably the ugliest building in Kansas City, and is the building I used to work in back when SBC and the AT&T owned and occupied it. I dislike this building intensely.

I call the building ugly. I read that the real term for its architectural style seems to be “Brutalist.” I scoff. An architect I ran into awhile back said the style was “Aztec.” This makes more sense, as the Pontiac Aztek is arguably the ugliest car ever made, if you don’t count the Edsel, lending a certain symmetry to the notion.

On the left side of the picture you can see a slight bend of the Missouri River. It is flowing left-to-right in the picture, toward the horizon, as it heads toward the Mississippi River which is 240 miles from here as the crow flies.


8 thoughts on “Panorama

  1. I rather like Brutalism. It reminds me of dystopian science fiction movies made in the 1960s, the cheap ones where they used a seemingly futuristic building for outdoor shots. Also the Oakland Museum is a beautiful example, and prolly others, and etc.

    When I worked in Folsom, the office building only went to four stories. But from up there you could, at this time of year, look east to see just over the foothills to the snow-covered Sierra shining white in the sun. ‘Twas nice. In fact you can see them from ground level if the weather is clear enough and you’re out away from four-story buildings. Any buildings, actually.

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    1. That IS nice–but, what about the poor people on the mountain that have to look at your ugly building? What about them?
      I remember once I posted a picture of the old library in downtown KC, taken on a dismal, gray day while there was ice and snow on the ground, and snowing at the time. You commented you didn’t know I lived in Moscow. Something like that. The AT&T building would be, Moscow in the year 2047, after WWIV and just before the Great Galactic Police Action.


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